The study tour in the USA of the Access teacher and student at Dong Thap Community College, the South East Asia Youth Leadership Program (SEAYLP 2018)

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  • Thứ năm, 07 Tháng 6 2018 00:00

Last April, 2018 Ms. Vo Thi Anh Thu, an English teacher of the Access program and Pham Nguyen Kim Ngan, one of the Acccess students at Dong Thap Community College won the scholarships of the South East Asia Youth Leadership Program 2018 and spent three interesting and meaningful weeks in the Northern Illinois University, Chicago city, and Washington D.C from the 2nd to 26th April. Pham Nguyen Kim Ngan is a student of the Access Program, a special free English program for economically disadvantaged students, sponsored by the US Department of State. Thanks to the Access program, she could get much information and support to apply the scholarship and had three wonderful weeks in America. The experience was beneficial to her in terms of improving her English language skills and her confidence and soft skills to improve herself and prepare her to gain more success in her academmic journey.

The Vietnam team received the program certificates

SEAYLP is an exchange program to promote leadership, civic responsibility, volunteerism and respect for diversity. SEAYLP brings together high school students and adult mentors from the ten ASEAN member countries in a three-week, U.S.-based exchange focused on leadership and youth development. In addition, the program will focus on shared challenges the United States and ASEAN face in the 21st century. These challenges are explored through the three pillars of the ASEAN community: political and security cooperation, economic skills-building (through the exchange’s project development) and socio-cultural leadership (through hands-on activities, workshops, seminars, and site visits to foster greater communication). The exchange take place in April annually. Participants are required to implement follow-on projects that serve the needs of their communities in the months that follow their return home. Participant costs for program administration, international and domestic travel, housing, and food are covered by the U.S. Department of State.

Specifically, Ms. Vo Thi Anh Thu and her Access student, Pham Nguyen Kim Ngan joined various sporty activities, training workshops on how to improve soft skills such as time management skills, finance management, networking skills, teambuiding skills, how to write an action plan for a community project. In addition, the program created ample opportunities for the participants from ASEAN countries to understand more about the cultures, and enhance the relationships and solidarity among ASEAN community. Interestingly, she had a wonderful week living with an American host family to know more about the U.S culture. Also, the participants had great time travelling and visiting many famous places, splendid views, architectures, and museums in Northern Illinois University, Chicago city and Washington D.C.

          Overall, this is an interesting and meaningful program that gives students great opportunities to improve their English skills, enhance their indepence, confidence as well as essential soft skills in an international environment. They also participate in a community project that promotes civic engagement, engages in meaningful activities for the community, and it is the first step for high school students gain more experience and skills to be more confident and competent to be able apply for other scholarships, which promotes their study opportunities in the future.

Vo Thi Anh Thu

Some related images:

The Vietnam team, Ms. Vo Thi Anh Thu, English teacher at Dong Thap Community College (the yellow ao dai in the middle) and student Pham Nguyen Kim Ngan, Access Students at Dong Thap Community College (the orange ao dai, the second from the left)



 The Vietnam team with the ASEAN friends  


The Vietnam team in the campus of Northern Illinois University. Ms. Vo Thi Anh Thu and student Pham Nguyen Kim Ngan of the Access program at Dong Thap Community College (the first and second from the left)

The Vietnam team outisde the White House, Washington D.C








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