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The English Speaking Club’s Activities in April 2019

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  • Friday, 03 May 2019 00:00

In the last April 2019, the English teaching staff cooperated with Ms. Raevan Henderson, Fulbirght English teaching assistant to continue to organise the English Speaking Clubs  every Thursday evening with the themes such as Describing people, Sports, Shoppin, Future Plans, Travel and Summer Activities.

Raevan Henderson, Fulbright ETA and English Speaking Clubs members


The English Speaking Clubs has attracted the enthusiastic participants of the college students. At this English environment, they have had many opportunities to improve their communication killls in English with the native teachers, enhance their understanding of the U.S culture, expand their networking with other students who have the same interest of learning English and more importantly, they have found out more fun and effective ways to study English. The extra-cirricular activities foster their motivation to learn English outside the classrooms. Specifically, the students enjoyed many fun-filled activities such as drawing and describing the persons they love, four corners-movement activity, drawing and folding pictures, hot seats – vocabulary game, presentation, team-building games, circle talks, vocabulary race. These are the photos of the English Speaking Clubs held last April


Drawing and describing the person they love


Listen and draw                                 Four corners- movement activity


Vocabulary race game

Circle talks

Ms. Tram Thi Ngoc Huong, The head of English subject (the lady in the pink shirt) 

offers flowers to Ms. Raevan Henderson.


On behalf of the English teaching staff and the students Ms. Tram Thi Ngoc Huong offered flowers to Ms. Raevan Henderso, Fulbright ETA to express our high appreciation and sincere thanks for her support, organising the twelve English Speaking Clubs during this school academic year. The Club members shared their feelings and thoughts about the memories and the benefits of the ESCs in terms of promoting their English study..

      Vo Thi Anh Thu - Faculty of General Sciences 


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