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The English Speaking Club’s Activities in March 2019

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  • Monday, 08 April 2019 00:00

In order to continue to create the favorable conditions for the students at Dong Thap Community College to develop the ability to communicate in English, enhance their confidence and understanding of American culture, last March the school continued to organize the English language clubs with the enthusiastic participation of students and especially the excellent support of Fulbright English Teaching Assistant at the school Ms. Raevan Henderson. Specifically, the English clubs with the theme of Social Network and Women's Day on Thursday evening 18 and 25 March were successfully held.

Ms. Raevan Henderson, Fulbright ETA and the ESC members

At this useful playground, students participated in meaningful and interesting language games and thereby expand their vocabulary, knowledge and passion for learning English. The students were really involved in  many fun games like “Cath the words”, “Jumbled words”, “Dictation”, drawing pictures, discussion about the positive and negative effects of social networks on young people, talking about women's roles, the advancement in women’s lives and their roles in today's social life. They were also introduced to the examples of typical women and they had great time to talk about the women they love. The exciting and meaningful activities attracted the students to participate enthusiastically in the fun and dynamic English learning environment.

Ms. Raevan Henderson, Fulbright ETA and the ESC members


In April, the English teaching staff will continue to collaborate with the Fulbright ETA to maintain the club's fun-filled activities with interesting topics that promise to bring an interesting English learning space at Dong Thap Community College for the students.

 Here are the pictures of the past two clubs' activities.


Playing the game « Jumbled words »

Playing the game « Catch the word »

Drawing pictures and having presentations on the women they love

Discussing and having presentations on the role of women

 Vo Thi Anh Thu




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