The English-speaking club’s activity with the English Teaching Assistant from Fulbright Program

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  • Wednesday, 09 January 2019 00:00

January 2nd 2019, Dong Thap Community College worked with Ms. Raevan Henderson, an English Teaching Assistant from the Fulbright program, to organize the second English-speaking club for second-year students.  The topic of this meeting was Foods and Drinks.

The English-speaking club’s members

During English-speaking club students participated in various activities. The club began with Four Corners. This activity asked students to make a decision about a statement or question. Each of the four corners of the classroom represented a different response to a statement. The students were really excited about this particular activity. Then students were shown pictures of meals from around the world. They were tasked with naming all of the foods and drinks found in the pictures. In the last activity, students practiced ordering food in a restaurant. They played the roles of a server and customer.

Warm-up activity: Four Corners

Activity: Ordering Food

The English-speaking club explored different foods, drinks and colors of those items.  Both American and Vietnamese food was incorporated into this meeting in order for participants to relate to the material and gain a better understanding of eating and drinking culture in America.     

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